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Red-figure cup fragment with parts of two athletes
about 525-500 BC
Maker: By the Epeleios Painter
Country: Greece
Attic red-figure cup fragment
about 400-375 BC
Maker: Tondo by the Jena Painter
Country: Greece
Large kotyle skyphos of Corinthian shape decorated with black glaze
about 520-510 BC
Maker: Signed by "Teisias the Athenian" as potter
Country: Greece
Lid of miniature Attic black-figure skyphos with swans
2nd quarter of 6th century BC
Country: Greece
Belly-handled amphora of Mycenaean ware
mid 11th century BC
Country: Greece
Fragment of an Attic Red-figure kylix
about 490-480 BC
Maker: Painter of the Paris Gigantomachy (circle of the Brygos Painter)
Country: Greece
Boeotian black-figure large alabastron showing a siren and flying bird
about 580-570 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Horse-Bird Group
Country: Greece
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