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c. 1842-1857
Maker: Made by unidentified maker for Jodah G. Joseph (1791-1857, business active c. 1842-1857)
Country: Canada
Egg spoon
c. 1860-1870
Maker: Workshop of Robert Hendery (British, Canadian, 1814-1897) for William Learmont (Montreal retailer, active c. 1841-1870)
Country: Canada
Celery vase
early 20th century
Maker: Unidentified maker
Country: USA
Dessert fork
Maker: Robert Hendery (British, Canadian, 1814-1897)
c. 1875-1895
Maker: M.S. Brown & Company (active 1871-1919)
Country: Canada
Dinner fork
c. 1825-1850
Maker: Christian Grothe (1795-1868)
Log Cabin and Figures; Canoeing
c. 1861-1863
Maker: William Henry Edward Napier (1828-1894)
Dessert Fork
c. 1820-1840
Maker: William Stennett (active c. 1813-1846)
Country: Canada
Sugar tongs
c. 1830
Maker: Workshop of William Farquhar (active c. 1823-1830)
Country: Canada
c. 1850-1870
Maker: Michael Septimus Brown (1818-1886, active c. 1840-1872)
Country: Canada
Gunflint (firearm component)
c. 1671-1776
Maker: Field Collector: Donald Blake Webster (ROM Staff, 1966-1996)
Plate in "Boston Mails" pattern with view "Ladies Cabin"
Maker: James Edwards (English, active 1842-1851)
Country: UK; England
Maker: David Bohle (active 1831-1870)
Salt spoon
Maker: Robert Osborne (active -1852-1869-)
Country: Canada
Salt spoon
Maker: Jodah G. Joseph (1798-1857, active in Canada 1842-1857)
Thorndale House, Middlesex County, Ontario
Maker: Cuthbert William Shanly (1859-1882)
Country: Canada
Noah's ark figure: goat
c. 1875-1900
Maker: Unidentified maker
Country: Germany
Platter in "Lake" pattern with scene "Village of Cedars"
Maker: Made by Francis Morley & Co. (English, active 1845-1858), scene after William Henry Bartlett (English, 1809-1854)
Country: UK; England
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