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Money box
16th-17th century
Country: UK; England
Money box
16th century
Country: UK; England
Late 1800s
Country: USA
Designed c.1910-1914
Maker: Designed by Antonin Daum (1864-1930), made by Daum, (Les Verreries de Nancy)
Country: France
Sack bottle
Mid 17th-18th century
Plate I, "The Woman in the Moon" from "Salome" by Oscar Wilde (English, 1854-1900)
Maker: Aubrey Beardsley (English, 1872-1898)
Country: UK; England
Made c.1820, original models created 1783-1784
Maker: Wedgwood (English, est. 1759), original models designed by John Flaxman (English, 1755-1826)
Country: UK; England
early 17th century
Country: Netherlands; Germany
Allegorical Figure
c. 1880-1890
Maker: Ferdinand Barbedienne (French, 1810-1892)
Country: France
Still life
early 18th century
Maker: Possibly by Jan van Huysum (Dutch, 1682-1741)
Country: Netherlands
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Italy
Statuette of Sulla, seated
Maker: Giacomo Zoffoli
Country: Italy
The Annunciation
15th century
Maker: Attributed to Raffaellion del Garbo (Italian, 1466/76-1527)
Country: Italy
Autograph calling card signed by Hans von Bulow
17 May 1887
Maker: Hans von Bulow (German, 1830-1894)
Autograph letter in French to Frederick Gye, director of Covent Garden, London
8 April 1853
Maker: Louis-Hector Berlioz (French, 1803-1869)
Country: France
Autograph letter to Montrein Cuvillon from Charles Auguste de Beriot
mid 19th century
Maker: Charles Auguste de Beriot (Belgian, 1802-1870)
Tea Table
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: UK; England
Plate XVII, Cul De Lampe, from Solome by Oscar Wilde (English, 1854-1900)
Maker: Aubrey Vincent Beardsley (English, 1872-1898)
Country: UK; England
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