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Antoninianus coin of Aurelian
270-275 AD
Country: Bulgaria
Oil lamp
about 125-75 BCE
Country: Egypt
Miniature phial
about 600-700 AD
Country: Egypt
Fish hook
about 500 BCE-400 CE
Country: Egypt
about 900-1120 CE
Country: UK
Bead from a necklace
15th century-mid-12th century BC
Country: Greece
Votive foot
100-25 BC
Country: Italy
Antoninianus with bust of Carinus
282-early 283 AD
Country: France
Denarius with laureate head of Janus
c. 119 BC
Maker: M. Fourius Philus (moneyer)
Country: Italy
Daunian one-handled cup
5th or early 4th century BC
Country: Italy
Oil lamp with cross monogram
about 350-450 CE
Country: Egypt
c. 1200 BC
Country: Greece
/ 323