Fossil fish skeleton - ROM2004_1028_34


Fossil fish skeleton

Place Collected
Europe, Germany, Bayern, Solnhofen
length=65; width=26; height=3 cm
    • Attributes
    • Objects
    • Taxonomy
    • KingdomAnimalia
    • PhylumChordata
    • ClassOsteichthyes
    • OrderAmiiformes
    • FamilyCaturidae
    • GenusCaturus
    • SpecificEpithetfurcatus
Object number: ROMVP00943
On view
DescriptionThese little fish were common, if unspectacular components of the Jurassic marine ecosystem. Their time was yet to come. They are among the earliest members of a group of bony fish called teleosts that diversified and grew in importance through the Jurassic and Cretaceous to become the dominant type of fish right up to the present-day.
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