Bowl - ROM2007_9028_1



Maker: Maya
Geography: Altun Ha, Belize
Date: 650 AD
11.6 × 18.4 × 0.4 cm
Object number: RP665/1
Not on view
DescriptionThis polychrome bowl is decorated with a bird and a mythical creature with rodent or feline features. IT also features an abstract sign that looks like a question mark.  Abstract signs are common in Maya art and often strung together like glyphs. The glyphs, however, have no discernable meaning.  It is suggested that illiterate artists painted the glyphs or they were perhaps words intended for only those living in the spiritual realm. The bowl was excavated and reconstructed during ROM excavations at the site of Altun Ha in the 1960s and early 1970s. This particular bowl was found associated with Burial C-16/11. 
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