Figure of Apollo the lyre player - ROM2003_773_14


Figure of Apollo the lyre player

Maker: attributed to the Younger Bryaxis
Geography: Excavated from the sanctuary of Apollo at Tamassos-Frangissa, Cyprus
Date: about 300 BC
Period: Cypro-Hellenistic I
71.5 cm
Object number: 958.61.325
Credit Line: Gift of the National Gallery of Canada
On view
Gallery Location:A.G. Leventis Foundation Gallery of Ancient Cyprus
DescriptionThis figure, along with most of the ROM’s Cypriot sculpture, was unearthed in October 1885 near Tamassos, in the precinct of a sanctuary dedicated to the god Apollo. The ancient city of Tamassos, centrally located in Cyprus, owed its existence and prosperity to its rich copper mines. The city flourished from the Archaic through the Roman periods. Archaeological excavations there since 1885 have yielded abundant finds. These include royal tombs, a sanctuary to Apollo, a temple of Aphrodite, and sculpture in limestone and terracotta.
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