Figure of Shiva Linga with One Face (ekamukhalinga) - ROM2007_9662_2


Figure of Shiva Linga with One Face (ekamukhalinga)

Medium:Carved marble
Geography: Afghanistan
Date: 9th century AD
Period: Shahi Period
60 x 27 cm
Object number: 939.17.9
Credit Line: This purchase was made possible with the support of The Reuben Wells Leonard Bequest Fund
On view
Gallery Location:Sir Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery
DescriptionThe lingum is the abstract form of the Hindu God Shiva. It expresses the absolute reality and creative power of the god. It also symbolizes Mount Meru, home of the gods, and the cosmic pllar or "axis mundi" that penetrates all levels of reality. The single face of Shiva superimposed on the lingum expresses the primordial oncess of "Tad Ekam" (That One). Together they express a powerful unification of creative energy with the intellect. This polished and incised stone is a beautiful example of the Kashmiri style which features arched eyebrows, elongated yees, and full cheeks and lips.
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