Deity mask - ROM2007_9054_4


Deity mask

Maker: Sicán
Geography: Peru
Date: 900-1100 AD
Period: Middle Sicán Period
19 × 30 cm, 0.2 mm
Object number: 935.78.2
Not on view
DescriptionOn the North Coast of present day Peru, the site of Batan Grande grew in the tenth century AD to become a pilgrimage centre organized around a great plaza flanked by flat-topped pyramids. Travellers came to celebrate the Sicán Deity, a god who controlled the forces of nature.  Elites dressed as the Sicán Deity in public ceremonies, and many people were buried with bronze, silver, or gold masks that depicted the face of the god with its emblematic bird wing-shaped eyes. This thinly hammered gold mask probably covered the face of a buried member of the Sicán Elite.
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