Axe - ROM2019_17353_11



Maker: Casas Grandes Culture
Geography: Casas Grandes Valley, Mexico
Date: AD 1200 - 1400
Object number: HMC431
Not on view
DescriptionIn the Chihuahuan desert of northern Mexico, the Casas Grandes culture flourished in the regional centre of Paquimé from 1200-1400 AD. Paquimé is the largest known ancient Puebloan town, with ball courts, complex irrigation systems, multiple-storey houses, and elaborate tombs for elites. Much of the original wood used for this construction would have been cut by hundreds of people with stone axes like this one. Making this axe required the toolmaker to grind down the rock until the surface was smooth and sharp. The groove on the end opposite the blade ensures that the axe did not become unhafted from its wooden handle when in use.
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