Hatched slip-incised ware bowl fragment (body sherd) - 982.187.138_1


Hatched slip-incised ware bowl fragment (body sherd)

Medium:Ceramic (earthenware, wheel-thrown) covered with pale slip, decorated by incision through the slip, overall lead glaze, cmanganese-purple colourant
Geography: Made in Iran; found at Ghulayfiqah, Yemen
Date: 11th century AD
Period: Mediaeval Period
Object number: 982.187.138
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DescriptionSlip-incised ware, often called "sgraffiato" in the literature, is a common ceramic type across the Mediaeval Middle East. This specific variant is known from the site of Siraf on the Gulf coast of Iran where it is dated to the 11th century AD. Although a precise production location in Iran has not yet been determined, petrographic analysis has show that this pottery from Yemen is exactly the same origin as the pottery from Siraf.
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