Denarius with laureate head of Janus - ROM2011_11891_11


Denarius with laureate head of Janus

Maker: M. Fourius Philus (moneyer)
Medium:Struck silver
Geography: Minted in central Italy
Date: c. 119 BC
Period: Roman Republican period
Object number: 950.56.252
Credit Line: A.E. Ames Collection
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: Republican portraits and coinage

Silver Denarius Coinage 125-79 BC

  • The Obverse showed different deities and personifications.

  • Historical events sometimes promoted the moneyers’ claims to illustrious ancestry.

  • Rome’s refusal to grant citizenship to its Italic allies led to the “Social War” of 90-88 BC.

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