Bâton percé with horse engraving - 929.29.495_1


Bâton percé with horse engraving

Medium:Reindeer antler, carved, drilled, and engraved
Geography: Abri Courbet, Bruniquel, Tarne-et-Garonne, France
Date: c. 18,000-11,000 BP
Period: Magdalenian Period
10.5 x 3.1 x 1.2 cm
Object number: 929.29.495
Not on view
DescriptionThese enigmatic objects first described by French archaeologists were originally thought to be marks of status - a "bâton de commandement". Although the term used by modern French archaeologists - the "pierced rod" is now descriptive, the function is most likely thought to be an atlal, or spear-thrower. But still, no-one is really sure!
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