Tetradrachm with laureate and cuirassed bust of Macrianus - ROM2011_11731_108


Tetradrachm with laureate and cuirassed bust of Macrianus

Medium:Struck billon
Geography: Mint of Alexandria, Egypt
Date: c. 260-261 AD
Period: Reign of Macrianus, Roman Imperial period
24 mm
Object number: 910.159.293
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: Imperial Roman coinage

Following the capture of Roman Emperor Valerian by the Sasanian Persians, one of his generals, Fulvius Macrianus or Macrianus Major, attempted to take power in the Eastern Provinces, elevating his sons Macrianus Minor and Quietus to the throne. In the Western Provinces Valerian's son Gallienus ruled. Macrianus marched his army toward the Western Empire but was defeated and killed in battle in Thrace.

A coin made of "billon" is ostensibly a coin of precious metal (silver or gold) but which is greatly debased with copper or copper-alloy.

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