Mummy label - 910.108.38_1_20220524_3k


Mummy label

Medium:Coniferous wood with letters traced in black ink and punched with a chisel
Geography: Probably from Akhmim, Egypt, found in al-Fayyūm, Egypt
Date: about 117-217 CE
Period: Roman Imperial period
10.2 x 25.0 x 8.0 cm
Object number: 910.108.38
Credit Line: The Walter Massey Collection
Not on view

Mummy label, wooden. Rectangle of soft pine with trapeziform offset at each side. Each offset pierced at about its centre. Incised inscription in Greek, letters traced in black ink or paint and then punched with narrow chisel.

Παράδος (ε)ἰς Πανὼ τῶ(ι)
υἱῶ(ι) Πανεχάτου νε
κροάρτου τὴν τάκην (or ταφὴν?)
ἀδελφὴν Tεχώσις
γαμοῦσα Ἱέρακα ν….

Translation: "Ship to Panopolis to the son of PanechAtes, the embalmer, the remains of the sister of Techosis, the wife of Hierax the ???"

Roman WorldEgypt
Object History: Purchased in the Fayum, Egypt.
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