Samian ware dish of Dragendorff form 22 - ROM2010_11689_24


Samian ware dish of Dragendorff form 22

Medium:Wheel thrown earthenware with red slip; terra sigillata
Geography: Found in Gracechurch Street, City of London, England; made in South Gaul (modern France)
Date: about 50-60 CE
Period: Roman Imperial period
2.8 x 8.5 cm
Object number: 929.49.44
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: Britain and Ireland to the time of the Romans
DescriptionPlain and decorated tableware in red glass pottery, now known as Samian ware, was made in Gaul (modern-day France) and exported in large quantities to Roman Britain. Techniques facilitating mass-manufacturing were employed in the Gaulish workshops. This enabled the factories to export their products all over the western Roman Empire and beyond from 25 to 225 AD.
Roman World
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