Bi disc - ROM2015_14970_5


Bi disc

Medium:Worked and polished jade
Geography: Reportedly from Jincun, Luoyang, Henan province, China
Date: late 3rd-2nd century BC
Period: Han Dynasty
0.5 × 8.8 × 25.7 cm
Object number: 931.13.1
Credit Line: Bishop William C. White Collection
On view
Gallery Location:Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of China
DescriptionThe raw material is of mottled green jade, semi-translucent, with black speck inclusions, dark clouding, and traces of calcification. It is perfectly rounded to be a ritual form as Bi disc. It is plain, having a flat outer border. The decorations on both sides are same, filled with two concentric bangs that are divided by a low relief "rope" patterned line. The inner circle is decorated with incised spirals on low mounds isolated by criss-crossing preparatory carving. The outer band or border divided into four by hatched radials. Centred within each sector is whiskered animal mask, or traditionally known as taotie, with split snake-like body curving to either side of head, each body ending in profile dragon head. There are traces of earth, and it was reported from Jincun tombs of Luoyang. 玉质青色,有土色沁斑。整体扁平圆形,形体大。璧内外缘有廓,两面碾琢纹饰,外区为四组兽面纹,每组由两兽组成,兽尾相交,兽首向外。内区碾琢谷纹。一周扭丝纹将内外区分开。通体磨光。 (Gu Fang)
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