"Tanagra" figure of young woman - ROM2004_1017_7


"Tanagra" figure of young woman

Medium:Mould-made earthenware, with white slip, and pigments of red and gold
Geography: Found at Tanagra, Boeotia, Greece
Date: c. 400-300 BC
Period: Greek Classical period
27 cm
Object number: 929.22.6
On view
Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece
DescriptionFigurines of this nature were found in large numbers at the site of Tanagra in Greece, and it is thought they were made there, although are found around the Mediterranean. This figure was actually found in Tanagra in 1927. The young female figure is draped in a long himation under which her chiton falls to the ground. The upper edge of the himation is brought forward from behind her right shoulder, continues in front and around her left upper arm and it reappears bunched up under her left armpit. Her head is inclined slightly to the right and down in a pensive attitude. She wears melon hairstyle encircled with a double braid. Traces of paint remain: white face, pink lips, blue eye pupils; dark brown pillar, red shoes, gold edge on himation, gold on braids, and the hair is reddish brown.
Greek World
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