Figure of Guanyin (Avalokiteshvara) with stand - 924.26.14.a_1_with .b

924.26.14.a_1_with .b

Figure of Guanyin (Avalokiteshvara) with stand

Medium:Cast bronze; wood
Geography: China
Date: ca. 1127 - 1279 AD
Period: Southern Song Dynasty
15 cm
Object number: 924.26.14.A
Credit Line: The George Crofts Collection
On view
Gallery Location:Matthews Family Court of Chinese Sculpture
DescriptionFigure seated in the “posture of Royal ease" (Maharajali-lasana) in a wood stand carved to represent a cave-like niche.  Striated hair pulled into a high chignon or mukuta behind the crown with strands looping down in front to the ears in which are earrings of floral design.  Full, severe, contemplative face.  Three plastic neck wrinkles.  Scrolls-lotus-and-drop necklace in high relief on taut, bare chest.  Dhoti or skirt looped over waistband in single "apron" below which the under which falls to the ankles in folds over the knees. A scarf is knotted at the left shoulder and looped to the right hip front and back.  Headdress streamers descend over shoulders - on right, stiffly, on left, more naturally.  Left hand supports figure on rocky seat of wood.  Right arm rests on raised right knee.  Left leg pendant, bare foot resting on lotus.  Back shows dhoti and scarves but is plainer than front of image.  Interior at least partially hollow.  Figure now with dark patina with occasional reddish and gold highlights where rubbed; traces of gold on the figure.  Stand of once-lacquered wood represent cave-like niche on rock base.
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