Tiger pendant 玉虎 - ROM2010_11480_35


Tiger pendant 玉虎

Medium:Worked and polished jade
Geography: China
Date: 11th-8th century BC
Period: Western Zhou Dynasty
0.2 x 3.9 x 9.3 cm
Object number: 960.241.6
Credit Line: The Dr. James M. Menzies Collection
On view
Gallery Location:Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of China
DescriptionThis jadework, in buff-coloured calcified, is a profile curved crouching tiger. Details carved in outlines on both sides, eyes forming a perforation drilled from one side. Other features such as ear, nose, jaw, front and back paws, as well as some parts of body details are indicated by fine scored lines. Tail is curled over back and has a small perforation drilled from one side. 玉质淡褐色,有斑,片状,断为两片,复原。眼、耳部以浅浮雕碾琢而成,其他部位用单阴线雕刻。两面纹饰相同。虎作行走状,昂首,大眼,耳贴于头部,体肥硕,肢前屈,足雕四爪,尾上卷,尾部有一凸刃。虎的眼睛瞳孔、卷尾处各有一孔,一面钻成。(古方)
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