Burial figure of a male dwarf - 2005x5.1_1


Burial figure of a male dwarf

Medium:Moulded earthenware
Geography: China
Date: c. 660s-680s AD
Period: Tang Dynasty
13 x 7.2 x 5 cm
Object number: 2005x5.1
Not on view

Male figure of an attendant. Standing on a square stand with right arm bent up into a clenched fist at side of chest and left arm pendant with hand concealed in sleeve. Facial features detail­ bulging eyes, with thick eyebrows, high cheekbones and thick parted lips revealing details of teeth. The figure is wearing a knee-length coat crossed to fasten at right and slightly bloused over a belt at waist. The thickened collar of the coat is worn off at the right shoulder with the right sleeve pendant down back; short-sleeved V-necked undergarment with a neck band. The figure’s hair is pulled up into a cap with low double lobes and tied-ends at CF detailed. White earthenware with good remains. The right rear corner of the stand is broken and was repaired. The left rear corner reveals loss of pigment. The face of the figure has deep pink on the face, neck, and right fist. There is black pigment on the boots and cap and traces of red on the undergarment. Moulded with no intentional opening to interior cavity. There are small holes in the body wall at left elbow in front and between knees in rear.

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