Head ornament - ROM2014_14050_2


Head ornament

Maker: Nasca culture
Medium:Composed of a number of twisted and bound strands of vegetal fibre terminating in green feathers
Geography: Nazca valley, Peru
Period: Early Intermediate Period (200 BC - 700 AD)
26 x 23 cm
Object number: 919.8.67
Credit Line: Exchange from the American Museum of Natural History
Not on view
DescriptionThe Nasca of the south coast of Peru used parrot feathers to create vibrant clothing and decorations.  Although some of the feathers may have been imported from the Amazon, they also kept the birds as pets. This fan-shaped object has sometimes been called a whisk, but archaeological evidence suggests that they were most often paired with a headband to create a flaring crest of feathers.
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