War club - ROM2003_819_1


War club

Maker: Chief Robert Bell, Kwakiutl or Heiltsuk (Bella Bella)
Medium:Wood, abalone shell, paint
Geography: Bella Bella, British Columbia
Date: late 19th century
82 x 10.2 cm
Object number: 902.2.29
Not on view
DescriptionA heavy club or stick carved with three crest figures: (from top to bottom) Wolf holding a small figure in its paws, squatting Bear with upraised paws, Whale holding the handle of the stick in its mouth. Wolf has a black mask painted all over the eye area, Bear's fur is indicated by irregular black hatching, Whale has bushy black eyebrows. Eyes inlaid with abalone. Collected in 1901 by Reverend Dr. R.W. Large, Methodist missionary.
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