Cartonnage fragment - 910x269.590_1


Cartonnage fragment

Medium:Plaster/stucco over linen with paint (cartonnage)
Geography: Akhmim, Egypt
Date: c. 323-200 BC
Period: Early Ptolemaic Period
20 × 21.3 × 0.2 cm
Object number: 910X269.590
Not on view

Fragment of a Ptolemaic mummy mask with an inscription naming a woman with the theophoric element 'mut' in her name. The inscription assures the deceased that the gods will provide a beautiful burial in the West and food offerings in the Next Life.

In the vignette, the god Nun raises the disk of the sun from the Netherworld. He is flanked by two solar baboons, the goddesses of North and South, and the Two Maats of the Hall of Judgement.  This is a version of the Vingnette incorrectly termed Spell 16 of the Book of the Dead.

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