Cat figurine - 2005.71.6_1


Cat figurine

Maker: Blue Mountain Pottery (c. 1947-2004)
Medium:Moulded red earthenware with candystripe (pastel polychrome) glaze
Geography: Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Date: 1967
32.2 (height) x 11.9 (width) x 10.5 (depth) cm
Object number: 2005.71.6
Credit Line: Gift of Robert Blair
Not on view
DescriptionWell known for their animal figurines, this is an early example of that type of work from Blue Mountain Pottery. The glaze here is a more rare colouration, not typically available from catalogue. Later figurines are more typically coloured in the studio's well known black and green-blue flow glaze. This work came to the ROM in 2005 with a set of objects that had previously been displayed in the company's retail storefront before its closure.
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