Figure, head of a priest - ROM2018_16311_6


Figure, head of a priest

Medium:Limestone with traces of paint
Geography: Egypt
Date: c. 378-200 BC
Period: 30th Dynasty or Ptolemaic Period
10 x 11 x 5.5 cm
Object number: 910.66
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionThis smiling face probably comes from the time of the last native Egyptian Dynasty, the Thirtieth, or perhaps the early Ptolemaic Period. The almond-shaped eyes, well-marked eyebrows, high smooth forehead and soft contours suggest a gentleness and even innocence possibly to be associated with ideas of resurrection. The head now resembles the famous ‘egg-shaped’ bald headed images of this period, though a careful study shows that the head once was painted to show a tight-fitting black skull cap, or possibly hair. Though there is little trace now, his skin was once painted dark red. The broken back pillar probably once held his name and titles; today only unreadable scratches remain. Was he standing, kneeling, or sitting?  Did he hold anything in his hands that might help us know his purpose?  With no record of his provenance, we can only speculate as to his original meaning.
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