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Maker: Attributed to Poole & Foley Pottery or Foley Pottery Limited (c. 1880- early 20th century)
Geography: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Date: c. 1885-1895
29.9 (height) x 23.1 (width) x 14.4 (diameter) cm
Object number: 969.253.2
Not on view

Pottery of Atlantic Canada

Pottery-making has a sporadic history in Atlantic Canada and even in the late 19th century there were few potteries. Production consisted largely of container or utility wares in dark-bodied earthenware. White tin glazes, or white slips under glaze, in the English manner, were typical. In fact, a distinctive English character distinguishes the earthenware pottery of Atlantic Canada from that of Central Canada. Most pottery of this region is unmarked, except for that of the two most important potteries – Prince Edward Island Pottery, Charlottetown, and the Foley Pottery, Saint John, New Brunswick.

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