Storage chest - 966.134.2_1_2015CDscan


Storage chest

Maker: Unidentified maker
Medium:Painted pine
Geography: Montmagny, Quebec, Canada
Date: c. 1770-1820
35.3 × 51.8 × 34.9 cm
Object number: 966.134.2
Credit Line: Sigmund Samuel Trust
Not on view

This small chest is a "six-board" type, with four sides, a top, and a base. Rather than being constructed with dovetailing or a panelled frame, the single-board sides are tongued into slots in the corner posts, in the manner of tongue-and-groove lumber.

A moulding surrounds the base, and below it the corner posts taper into short legs. The upper moulding, angled to a V form in the centre, is a common detail that seems to continue from the 17th into the 19th century on French-Canadian chests. The lid, of two edge-butted pieces, is joined by an underside centre batten, the ends of which are exposed. The batten has been shallowly dovetailed across the full width. This technique of stabilizing wide flat surfaces with underside dovetailed battens is common with French-Canadian box chests.

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