Brevicellicium permodicum (H.S. Jacks.) Ginns & M.N.L. Lefebvre - TRTC016705pic1


Brevicellicium permodicum (H.S. Jacks.) Ginns & M.N.L. Lefebvre

Place Collected
North America, Canada, Ontario, Nipissing District, Bear Island, Lake Temagami, 46.9831216, -80.0681018
Date: 1936-07-18
    • Attributes
    • Objects
    • Taxonomy
    • KingdomFungi
    • PhylumBasidiomycota
    • ClassAgaricomycetes
    • OrderTrechisporales
    • FamilyHydnodontaceae
    • GenusBrevicellicium
    • SpecificEpithetpermodicum
Type Status:
Object number: TRTC016705
Not on view
DescriptionType of Corticium permodicum H.S. Jacks published in Canadian Journal of Research, Section C 28: 721 (1950). In biology, a type is a particular specimen of an organism to which the scientific name of that organism is formally attached.
Collector(s):Jackson, H. S.
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